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Patio Doors Chesterfield

Work with HeatGuard when upgrading your Chesterfield home with patio doors. Our high quality patio doors can provide your home with many excellent benefits, including natural light, access to fresh air and a stunning design.

By sliding across the wall, these unique doors can provide your home with better use of your home as you don’t need space to open and close them. Just simply slide them, and you can create a beautiful transition from the inside of your home to the outside.


Key Features

Thermal Efficiency

We install patio doors that can improve your home’s thermal performance through the use of double glazing and robust uPVC qualities. The doors can achieve an U-value of 1.2 meaning they will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Space Saving

The space saving potential of patio doors is unrivalled and this is because they act like pocket doors and stay within their own frame. This allows you to best utilise the space inside and outside of your property.

Seamless Customisation

The uPVC patio doors we install come in a wide variety of colours, allowing you to pick an installation that suits the character of your Chesterfield home.

Enhanced Natural Light

uPVC patio doors are superb at enhancing the natural light of your living space! With slim sightlines and large glass panels, these doors are the best addition to any Chesterfield home.


The average life span of uPVC patio doors can range between 40-80 years, and they are made from mostly recyclable materials to sustain minimal long-term impacts on the environment.

Connect Home And Garden

Bring the outside in with one of our stunning patio doors. These doors are the perfect addition to any Chesterfield home, allowing easy access to the garden, meaning you can combine your living space with the great outdoors.

Patio Door Prices Chesterfield

Increased Air Flow

When our patio doors are slide open, either fully or particularly, you can enjoy the perfect flow of fresh air. From wall to ceiling access, it is easy for air to circulate around the space to keep you cool. So, no matter what time of year it is, you can provide your home with the tools it needs to keep you at a comfortable temperature.

You can pair your new patio doors with double or triple glazing, which ensures no air can escape the home. This is perfect if you want your doors closed to keep the room at a consistent temperature or while you are away. With HeatGuard, you can waste less with your new patio doors.

Secure Ultion Locks

Increasing your Chesterfield home’s security is essential for us at HeatGuard. One of our locking systems is from Ultion, a leading company in the industry.

The Ultion lock is made with a strong metal core that is 25% denser than iron, corrosion resistant and has a high melting point. To make sure they are the best for our patio doors, they have been tested more than 1 million cycles, which is more than the 100,000 cycles needed to pass the TS007 durability test. Every Ultion lock has also been installed with hidden locks that provide it with extra protection. This lock enables the lock to trigger and activate LockDown Mode™. This will keep your home protected from unwanted visitors.

Additionally, these locks are designed with anti-pick, anti-bump and anti-drill systems to offer ultimate protection. Their durable and strong design and the £2,000 guarantee from Ultion locks should give you the peace of mind that your home is safe.


The Winkhaus

Your Chesterfield home can also be protected by the Winkhaus’ autoLock AV3. This lock can automatically lock your patio door when it’s closed. This is perfect for when you are in a rush or just for an extra piece of mind. The AV3 is highly durable, so it can prevent the door from being pushed back. There is also a holiday mode installed, so it’s great when you are away from your home for longer periods.

Another addition of the AV3, is that it’s designed with corrosion and weather resistant materials, so it is secure in any type of weather. Relax in your Chesterfield home, knowing your patio door is secure.


Avantis Locks Security

Lastly, the Avantis lock has been tested and certified by multiple trusted organisations to ensure they are able to protect your home effectively. For the PAS 24, it passed with flying colours as it successfully sustained the manual attack for over three minutes. This means your new patio door will protect your home if someone attempts to break in. The lock also passed the BS 6375 for performance and the EN 1670 Grade 4 for corrosion resistance.

Patio Doors Prices Chesterfield

Upgrade your Chesterfield home with our patio doors. Enjoy the array of excellent benefits that these doors can bring.

You can give our team a call on 01246 250 600 or by using our online contact form! We will be happy to guide you through the process or give you more advice on our products.

Our Accreditation

We provide some of the strongest and most reliable door locks on the market. Our door locks are PAS 24 certified and are Document Q compliant for safety. Additionally, they have also been recommended by the police for their strength and durability and have also passed the TS007 durability cycle test.

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