Aluminium French Doors Chesterfield

Aluminium French Doors Chesterfield

Upgrade your Chesterfield home with our fantastic aluminium French doors. Our aluminium French doors can create a stylish look for the exterior of your home. Now, you can impress anyone passing by when they see the stunning design of your new door.

These doors can also provide your home with a range of other excellent benefits. From connecting your home to your garden to keeping it highly secure, your home will be significantly enhanced. Not only does our aluminium French doors provide style, but they are also highly practical too. Contact a friendly and helpful member of our team today!

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Key Features

Improved Thermal Performance

The aluminium French doors we install can improve your homes thermal performance through the use of double glazing and robust aluminium. The doors can achieve an U-value of 1.2 meaning they will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

A Window for Natural Light

Aluminium French doors are perfect for enhancing the natural light in your living space! With slim sightlines and large glass panels, these doors are a great addition to any Chesterfield home.

High Security Locking Systems

Here at HeatGuard we offer three locking mechanisms, all with their own unique characteristics. The security of your home is not doubt at the forefront of your mind, and rest assured, with the doors we install, you can have peace of mind.

Outdoor Living

Bring the outside in with one of our beautiful aluminium French doors. These doors are the perfect addition to any Chesterfield home, allowing easy access to the garden, meaning you can combine your indoor and outdoor living spaces. French doors can open completely, allowing maximum ventilation.


Our aluminium can last up to 30 years. This is because aluminium is considerably more resistant to the elements compared to other frames, making them less likely to warp or rot as a result.

Unique Flexability

Due to how aluminium is manufactured, our doors can easily meet your exact design specifications while maintaining the strength of the material. Our doors come in a wide range of colours suitable to match any Chesterfield home.

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Unique Design

What makes aluminium French doors different from other door styles on the market is their unique, stunning design. With slim sightlines and designed with bars running between the panes, our aluminium French doors can provide your home with the sophistication and structure you may be seeking. You can even design them without the bars if desired. By the two doors opening outwards, allows you to invite an excellent amount of fresh air and natural light into the home. By designing your new aluminium French doors with our wide range of colours and finishes, you can truly design a door that will increase the visual appeal of your home.


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Winkhaus Locks

To ensure your family’s and home’s safety, we install our aluminium French doors with multi-locking systems. One of the trusted companies we work with is Winkhaus. Their autoLock AV3 automatically locks the door when they are closed. This is a great feature so you can feel comfortable that your door is secure. The AV3 ensures that the locked door can’t be pushed back due to its durability. If you are away from your Chesterfield home for an extended period, these locks also have a holiday mode. Your new aluminium French doors will continue keeping you safe, thanks to their locks.

Additionally, the AV3 is corrosion and weather resistant. Your aluminium French doors will withstand any type of weather conditions so your home can remain protected. You won’t have to worry about draughts or water ingress getting into your Chesterfield property.

Ultion Locks

To further protect your home, you can add Ultion locks to your aluminium French doors. The Ultion lock has a strong metal core that is 25% denser than iron, corrosion resistant and holds a high melting point. These locks has also been tested over a million cycles, which beats the 100,000 cycles that are required to pass the TS007 durability cycle tests. These locks are sure to help your aluminium French doors protect your home.

Additionally, Ultion locks also feature a hidden lock inside to catch unwanted visitors. When these locks recognise forced entry, they activate the LockDown Mode™, which ensures your Chesterfield property is safe. Along with the Ultion locks’ anti-pick, anti-bump and anti-drill, your aluminium French door has everything it needs to look after your home greatly. With the £2,000 guarantee that comes with the Ultion lock, we hope it gives you an extra piece of mind at night.


Avantis Locks

Finally, there is also an option to install the Avantis lock onto your aluminium French doors. These locks are tested and certified by various trusted organisations in the industry. For example, the Avantis lock has passed the PAS 24 for security with flying colours. This highly rigorous test ensures the lock can sustain a manual attack for three minutes, which it does perfectly.

More over, the Avantis lock has been tested and certified by BS 6375 for performance and by EN 1670 Grade 4 for resistance to corrosion. Not only does our aluminium French doors provide extra protection when installed with these locks, but they also increase longevity.


French Door Prices Chesterfield

Aluminium French Doors Chesterfied Prices

Enhance your Chesterfield home with our incredible aluminium French Doors. Our doors will provide your home with high security, thermal insulation and increased visual appeal.

If you have any questions its easy to contact our team directly; just call us on 01246 250 600 or by using our online contact form!

Our Accreditation

We provide some of the strongest and most reliable door locks on the market. Our door locks are PAS 24 certified and are Document Q compliant for safety. Additionally, they have also been recommended by the police for their strength and durability and have also passed the TS007 durability cycle test.

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