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Casement Windows Chesterfield

At Heatguard, we are proud installers of uPVC casement windows. uPVC casement windows offer a traditional look with modern benefits! Casement windows are a durable, low maintenance product that offers Chesterfield homeowners the perfect upgrade.

Windows are an essential part of every Chesterfield home, and casement windows are a perfect choice for you. We take great pride in our selection of high-quality and highly efficient windows.

Casement Windows Chesterfield

Key Features

Noise Reduction

The glazing on our uPVC casement windows acts as an obstacle for sound to travel through and reduces the volume of any external noise.

Low Maintenance

uPVC casement windows are renowned for their low maintenance. uPVC is a durable, easy to clean material that stands the test of time. uPVC can last for decades without any sign of weathering.

Enhanced Security

Our double and triple glazing adds more layers of glass to your window, making it more difficult for intruders to break through.

Customisation Options

Our windows are available in various colours, so you can pick one that will best match your home.


The average life span of UPVC casement windows can range between 40-80 years, and they are made from mostly recyclable materials to sustain minimal long term impacts on the environment.

Personalised Style

Our casement windows have slim sightlines that will provide a sleek and contemporary flair to your Chesterfield property.

Chesterfield casement windows prices

Thermal Efficiency

Unlike other uPVC windows, casement windows are closed by pushing the sash against the frame, effectively reducing air leaks to virtually zero. This means, aside from picture windows that don’t open at all, casement windows are the most efficient uPVC window operating style available today.

Available in both double and triple glazed variations, our uPVC casement windows provide top tier thermal efficiency and low U-values, meaning your home will stay warmer for longer!

Chesterfield Casement Windows options

Stylish Yet Practical

Our uPVC casement windows are manufactured using premium uPVC. Due to the low-maintenance nature of this material, our windows require minimal upkeep.

We believe in not having to sacrifice style for a practical and efficient window. That is why our windows come with various customisation options so that you can match them to your Chesterfield property.

Double & Triple Glazed Windows

For Chesterfield residents seeking exceptional thermal efficiency, we install stunning casement windows available with double and triple glazing. Two glass panes with spaces in between are known as double glazing. To keep the cold from penetrating the glass and entering your Chesterfield property, argon gas is pumped into each gap. With three layers of glass offering a higher level of thermal efficiency, triple glazing operates on the same principle.

In terms of security and noise reduction, double and triple glazing are most especially beneficial. The additional glass naturally dampens noise because it adds more surface area for sound waves to pass through. Its glazing also makes it more difficult to break through because there is more glass.

Casement Windows Chesterfield

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Heatguard will install superior casement windows to enhance your Chesterfield home and increase thermal efficiency and security.

If you have any questions regarding our products and services, please contact a member of our friendly team on 01246 250 600 or by using our online contact form!

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Our Accreditations

As your local company serving Chesterfield and the surrounding area, we like to ensure that our casement windows are reliable. That is why we provide Kömmerling windows that meet the latest building regulations. Additionally, our windows are ISO 14001 Environmental Management accredited.

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