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Enhance your Chesterfield home with our fantastic bow & bay windows. We take great pride in our selection of high-quality and highly efficient windows. Bow & bay uPVC windows offer a contemporary and stylish solution to suit any Chesterfield property. Windows are an essential part of every Chesterfield home, and we agree that you shouldn’t settle for simple windows.

Bow & bay windows add a great level of value to your property as they are a timeless installation.

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Key Features

Thermal Efficiency

uPVC is a low conductor of heat, meaning when it is fitted, there will be a closed air system, minimising the heat loss from our bow & bay windows experienced by non-insulating materials.


The average life span of UPVC bow & bay windows can range between 40-80 years, and they are made from mostly recyclable materials to sustain minimal long term impacts on the environment.

Reduce External Noise

Our bow & bay windows act as the perfect barrier, keeping unwanted noise to a minimum, meaning your home will remain peaceful regardless of noise levels.

Secure Windows

uPVC is combined with strong steel frames to create a secure installation. When fitted with our highly secure locks, your Chesterfield home will remain safe from intruders.


Bow & Bay uPVC windows are built to last and resist the ever changing conditions the British weather throws at them, all without losing their immaculate appearance. uPVC is a durable and low maintenance material that adds additional and unique levels of defence against rainwater.

Colour Options

Bow & Bay uPVC windows are available in a wide range of colours, including stunning, authentic woodgrains and sleek, modern effects.

Bow Windows Chesterfield

More Features

Bow & Bay uPVC windows are naturally low maintenance windows because of the easy to clean surface of uPVC. The uPVC bow & bay windows we install will allow an influx of natural light into your Chesterfield property because of the shape and surface area of the glass.

uPVC bow & bay windows are not only incredibly practical but also stylish, as they are available in various colours and styles. We are confident that you will be able to find a colour that will best fit the look of your Chesterfield property. Our uPVC windows also have the highest WER rating of an A due to their five-chambered profiles, meaning your home will stay warmer for longer. 

Bay Windows Chesterfield

Whats The Difference?

Bow and bay windows are similar in design, but the main difference is the number of glazed panels used to construct each window.

Bay windows consist of three panels and usually extend further out of your property, increasing the floor plan and offering wider views.

Bow windows are constructed of four or more panels, which provide your living space with panoramic views and large influxes of natural light.

Both options are timeless and customisable. They offer a wealth of benefits to your Chesterfield property, enhancing its market value and visual appeal.

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Traditional Space Saving Windows

Bow & bay windows are great because they increase the floor plan of your property, whether that’s adding an area to display personal items or creating additional seating. Bow and bay windows have more purposes to just letting light into your home.

Glazing Options

Bow & bay windows are perfect for Chesterfield residents seeking exceptional thermal efficiency, we install brilliant bow & bay windows available with double and triple glazing. Two glass layers with spaces between them make up double glazing. The idea of triple glazing is the same, but the increased level of thermal efficiency comes from three layers of glass.

Increased security and noise reduction are provided by double and triple glazing. Noise is naturally reduced because there is more dense material for the sound to go through due to the additional glass. Because there is more glass to break through, the glazing also improves security.

Bow Window prices Chesterfield

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Our Accreditation

As your local company serving Chesterfield and the surrounding area, we like to ensure that our windows are reliable. That is why we provide Kömmerling windows that meet the latest building regulations. Additionally, our windows are ISO 14001 Environmental Management accredited.

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