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Aluminium Patio Doors Chesterfield

We offer gorgeous aluminium patio doors that can be used to enhance any Chesterfield home significantly. Our aluminium patio doors are excellent at creating seamless transitions from your home to your garden. Without taking up any space in your room, your home will be loaded with the perfect amount of natural light and fresh air.

Here at HeatGuard, we provide high quality home improvement products to our customers so their investment is worthwhile. Restyle your home with our stunning aluminium patio doors, while increasing the energy performance of your home. Get in contact with our team to find out more information today!


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Key Features

Enhanced Natural Light

Aluminium patio doors are great at enhancing the natural light of your living space! With slim sightlines and large glass panels, these doors are the perfect addition to your Chesterfield home.

Match Your Home

We offer our aluminium patio doors to be designed in a wide variety of colours, allowing you to pick something that truly suits the character of your Chesterfield home. No home has to look the same with HeatGuard.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

The aluminium patio doors we install can improve your home’s thermal performance through the use of double glazing and robust aluminium. These doors can achieve an U-value of 1.2, meaning they will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Outdoor Living

What makes aluminium patio doors unique is their fantastic feature of sliding across the wall to let the outside in. No matter if the aluminium patio doors are slit open or closed, you can still be connected to family or friends while you are inside. Create the perfect combination of access with our doors.


Durable Installation

Our aluminium patio doors can last up to 30 years. This is because aluminium is considerably more resistant to the elements compared to other frames, making them less likely to warp or rot as a result.

Space Saving

The space saving potential of aluminium patio doors is unrivalled and this is because they act like pocket doors and stay within their own frame. This allows you to best utilise the space inside and outside of your property.

Aluminium Patio Door Chesterfield

Better Use Of Space

Installing aluminium patio doors into your Chesterfield property can help you make better use of your space. As aluminium patio doors operate across the wall, you don’t need any space either side of the opening. This is perfect for homeowners who are tight on space but would still like a stylish exterior door.

The sliding feature of aluminium patio doors, can also make it easier for people who find door handles a struggle. Our doors are designed to easily slide across the track so you can quickly go by.


aluminium Patio Doors Security Chesterfield

Ultion Locks Security

To provide your aluminium patio doors with an extra layer of protection, we install the Ultion lock into the frames. The Ultion locks is incredibly strong, due to the strong metal core that is denser than iron. Additionally, it is corrosion resistant and the melting point is at one of the highest levels. To ensure it’s up to the job, the lock was tested for more than 1 million cycles, which is over the minimum amount of 100,00 cycles that is required by the TS007 durability test.

Additionally, hidden locks are installed within every Ultion lock, so there is another layer of security for intruders to go through. This lock recognises signs of forced entries and activates a LockDown Mode™ to keep your Chesterfield protected. Along with their anti-pick, anti-tamper and anti-drill features, you can feel safe knowing your new aluminium patio door will protect you and your family. These doors also come with Ultion lock’s £2,000 guarantee.


The Avantis Locks

The Avantis lock also comes with our aluminium patio doors. The Avantis lock has been tested rigorously to pass the PAS 24. This test consists of putting the lock through a manual attack for three minutes and if it withstands, then it passes. Along with PAS 24, the Avantis lock is also tested and certified by BS 6375 for security and by the EN 1670 Grade 4 for resistance to corrosion. We want to provide our customers with the peace of mind that their doors will keep them safe.


The Winkhaus Locks

Consider the Winkhaus’ autoLock Av3 that automatically locks your door once they are closed. The lock is naturally durable, so it’s difficult to push back the door when this feature is enabled. Additionally, this lock has a holiday mode feature, which is ideal if you are away from your Chesterfield home regularly.

To make sure these locks are working well in all types of weathers, they are designed with corrosion and weather resistant materials. Your new aluminium patio door will be flush and durable within the frame, so you don’t have to be concerned about the harsh weather conditions getting into your Chesterfield property.


high quality aluminium Patio Doors Chesterfield

Aluminium Patio Doors Prices Chesterfield

Upgrade your Chesterfield home with our incredible aluminium patio doors. With their wide range of excellent benefits, we are sure these doors will increase your home’s performance significantly.

It’s easy to get in contact with our team to find out more information today. Give us a call on 01246 250 600 or use our online contact form, and we will be happy to help!


Our Accreditation

We provide some of the strongest and most reliable door locks on the market. Our door locks are PAS 24 certified and are Document Q compliant for safety. Additionally, they have also been recommended by the police for their strength and durability and have also passed the TS007 durability cycle test.

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