Conservatory Roofs Chesterfield

Conservatory Roofs in Chesterfield

Our conservatory roofs can be designed to match the shape and configuration of your conservatory. Whether you have a standard shape or a bespoke conservatory shape, we will be able to provide you with an excellent roof system. We offer conservatory roofs across Derbyshire, Nottingham, and Sheffield.

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Key Features

Quick Installation

Our conservatory roof only takes a few days to install and will cause little disruption to your home.


The conservatory roofs are pre-assembled under controlled factory conditions to ensure their quality before installation.

Energy Efficient

Our conservatory roofs have a low U-value of only 0.15 W/m²K and keep your conservatory warm in the winter but cool in the summer.

Reduce Noise

Our conservatory roofs will provide a quieter living space as they reduce the sound of rain and other weather conditions.

Reduce Sun Glare

Our conservatory roofs reduce sun glare and eliminate the need for you to have drapery in your conservatory.


We offer two different styles of conservatory roofs to suit your personal taste: shingle and slate.

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More Features

We believe in not having to sacrifice style for a practical and efficient conservatory. That is why our warm roofs come with various customisation options so that you can match them to your Chesterfield property.

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We offer shingle roofs for our conservatory roofs. Our shingle is manufactured using high-grade steel with an Aluzinc® coating, which lasts three to seven times longer than normal aluminium steel sheets. It also has a feature that prevents nails from being exposed to corrosion, making for an incredibly durable shingle conservatory roof.

Our shingle conservatory roof is also available in Charcoal, Scarlet, Coal Black, Greenstone, Burnt Umber, and Bister Brown. Due to the variety, we are confident that there will be a colour that will best suit your Chesterfield property.


We also offer a slate design for our conservatory roofs. Our slate design mimics the appearance of authentic slate without the risk of cracking or breaking. This makes our slate conservatory roof ideal for the Chesterfield homeowner who enjoys the appearance of authentic slate.

Our slate conservatory roof is available in various colours that have been tested to withstand high UV exposure and show little to no signs of fade, cracking, or splitting. Our slate conservatory roofs are available in Grey, Terracotta, Mulberry, Brown, and Black. 


Our conservatory roofs come with an integrated rooflight system that adds a stylish touch to your Chesterfield property.  Our rooflight increases the natural light that gets into your property, resulting in a much brighter living space.

The rooflight system consists of a high-performance glazing unit that needs little to no maintenance, making it suitable for even the busiest of homeowners. The rooflight is also beautiful to look at due to how flush it sits on your conservatory roof. This creates a smooth and sleek transition between the rooflight and the rest of the roof, which adds a professional finish to your rooflight.


We also offer a downlight system to go with your conservatory roof. Our downlights are ideal for all Chesterfield homeowners as they require no ventilation. Our downlight system can also be fitted without penetrating the 25-mm insulation layer, which makes it an incredibly non-intrusive installation. The downlight also produces very little heat, so your property will not overheat.

Our downlight system is incredibly stylish due to its ultra slim design and is available in two neutral colours: Satin Nickel and White. Additionally, we provide various switches so that you will be able to select one that best suits your needs.

Conservatory Roofs Chesterfield

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Our Accreditation

As your local company serving Chesterfield and the surrounding area, we like to ensure that our conservatory roofs are reliable. That is why our conservatory roofs are not only LABC-registered, but are also the first LABC-partnered conservatory roofs. Our conservatory roofs are also fitted with high-performance Kingspan™ insulation to regulate temperatures in your conservatory. Additionally, our conservatory roofs are the only ones to be officially partnered with VELUX™ roof windows.

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