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Triple Glazing - The 'Clear' Facts

Glazing Options, from Saint-Gobain Glass
Is an exciting new concept that introduces a flexible range of high performance window glass configurations that deliver enhanced comfort, security and energy efficiency for your home.

The creation of the Glazing Options range has been made possible by developments in modern glass coating technology. Saint-Gobain Glass has pioneered these advancements, which include the use of microscopic coatings to control the amount of light and heat that passes through, or is reflected away from, the glass in your windows.

This technology was first used in our PLANITHERM series of energy efficient window glass, which set new standards for energy saving windows - helping to create warmer, more comfortable and more energy efficient homes.

The launch of Glazing Options recognises that the best choice of window glass will vary according to the orientation, size and lifestyle criteria of each home and its owner.

You can now choose glazing options to achieve higher acoustic protection, greater security and safety, or enhanced comfort or efficiency, to suit your individual requirements. In fact, with Glazing Options you can even have different glass configurations in different windows in your home.

For example, on any given pack you might opt to change the glass for any large south facing windows to reflect away more heat in summer.
Glazing Options enables you to make an informed choice when you replace or install new windows to get the best possible combination of comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

Its as simple as choosing the option thats right for you.

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